The aim of the project is to develop personalized prosthetic socket with new composite, multifunctional and multicomponent materials.

The more high level functions are integrated in the material, and if the material and its functions can be personalized for each subject, the more the material will be comfortable, ergonomic and will provide monitoring and therapeutic features needed to offer patients an efficient and bearable rehabilitation as much as possible. 


Multimodal wearable is a new wearable system for the rehabilitation monitoring and evaluation, and the workers’ reintegration.

Today different systems can guarantee continuity of care for a more complete recovery, at home and in the hospital, thanks to a dynamic process of personalization and prolonged periods of follow-up. In this frame new and interesting  scenarios are opening up, as the “clinically light” monitoring, that is dedicated to the quality of life, or lifestyles.



Large-scale retail trade involves lots of workers, with a multiplicity of tasks and activities, each one providing possible risk to develop diseases.

The aim of this study was to analyze and assess existing furniture by using DHM (Digital Human Modeling) to evaluate the risk of developing WRMSD (Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders) among supermarket clerks and cashiers, suggesting the use of dedicated guidelines to choose and set-up furniture in these specific applications, underling the variety of issues present in the large-scale retail trade.


PEGASO is a personalised guidance service for optimising lifestyle in teen-agers. Knowledge on how to stay healthy does not by itself motivate people to adopt healthy lifestyles.

PEGASO targets teenagers by utilising technologies and approaches they are familiar with. Gaming strategies, social networks and communities of interest are integrated in a participatory design methodology that can make a difference. The whole platform include the app and service, garments and sensors and the mobile game. 


In the complex context of the global ageing population, NESTORE proposes to support healthy older people to sustain their wellbeing and capacity to live independently by promoting customised pathway to wellbeing.

Technically speaking, NESTORE’s ambitious objective is to develop an innovative, multi-dimensional, cross-disciplinary and personalized coaching system that, leveraging ICT social connectivity, will support older adults by encouraging them to become co-producers of their wellness.


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